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With over 40 years of combined experience in managing, selling, operating and consulting for technology and data services companies globally, RTS has the real world experience to guide any business, from startups to large multinationals.

Our service spans a wide are of specialist areas that include recruitment, talent acquisition, real estate and the auto industry. Our industry experts combine the latest technology and process methods to provide more efficient ways of doing business. Our objective is to improve your productivity, reach to market, competitive edge and overall return on investment using our solutions.

We customize our solutions to suit you – the client. We shape our technology and data solutions to work with your business rules. With a clear understanding of your overall objectives, we work closely to realize these goals through a strategic partnership designed to last.

We approach each project by understanding your unique needs to ensure we provide the best product and service possible.

Are you in an intensive transaction industry, moving significant data volumes or simply need a better way to handle mundane administrative tasks, talk to our team for a solution that’s crafted in a way that makes sense to your business.

Our strong track record and robust, scalable solutions are utilized by many companies across the globe. Ask for more information by simply completing the form on this page.

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