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Job Boards: Do They Have a Future?

The likelihood of employers continuing to use conventional job boards in the future could be on the wane. Job searches entail a great deal of research and visits to several job search engines, making an effort involved a time-consuming exercise. However, Google wants to change all that with a jobs search engine upgrade, creating a […]

What Does 2017 Have In Store For Talent Management?

“Be Prepared” is the well-known motto of scouting organizations across the world and may well apply to professionals preparing for the future in 2017. Although business leaders make a note of projections for the New Year and prepare for the future, they can end up focusing more on minor or specific trends instead of looking […]

Common Errors that affect Online Recruitment Performance

Although social media has become a powerful tool for acquiring and attracting new talent, many staffing agencies are not adhering to basic and successful online recruitment techniques. Their efforts in sourcing the right candidates are being thwarted by simple errors that are having an adverse impact on their searches, at the same time causing much […]

Ways to Foresee Candidate Activity

What would your reaction be if circumstances enabled you to see into the future? Having the talent to anticipate the readiness of a passive candidate when it comes to assessing a new opportunity? The answer is not using a psychic or crystal ball, but by making use of analytics, to predict the behavior and tendencies […]