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Better Candidate Journey, Less Application Drop Off and Lower Cost Per Application

Improve Your Candidate Journey:
The application process itself can contribute to a negative experience for candidates. Twenty-eight percent say that applications taking too long, 34% don’t like having to customize documents for every job, and 29% don’t like uploading a resume into a system but still having to manually fill out fields.

Improve Your Employer Brand:
Sixty percent of companies don’t monitor their employer presence and brand on social media, according to CareerBuilder. Of those who do, 68% take steps to encourage positive reviews while 16% just react to negative information. Companies definitely need to pay attention to their social media presence—it should be viewed as still another form of marketing and advertising.

Attract Top Talent:
45% of candidates say they can typically tell what it would be like to work for a company based on their career site. Most companies’ career sites are boring and uninspiring instead, companies need to think of their career sites as another form of marketing and advertising.

Lower Aquisition Costs:
Improve your overall ROI through tried and tested methods that secure low cost per click rates for paid media, lower cost per application levels and a high overall ROI with minimal candidate drop off.

We centralize your application data for quick and easy access through our hosted career site solutions, tailored specifically for your company.

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