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With the myriad of HR technology solutions on the market, it is a full time job to stay on top of the constantly changing landscape.  New players, new solutions, new techniques…how do you keep up with the rapid pace of change?

At RTS, we have our fingers on the pulse of HR technology. We research, analyze and evaluate HR and recruiting technologies to ensure that we are making relevant, appropriate and targeted recommendations to our clients. Whether you are in need of a new job distribution partner, a new ATS, or revamped career website, you can rely upon RTS to be the solution to your needs.

Our approach involves the analysis of the technical architecture, the processes in place to use systems, integration between systems that work together and what overall return on investment is being realized. By taking a synergistic approach to challenges in these areas, we work with teams and management to ensure all parts of the talent acquisition process is delivering results with the effective use of budget, consistent candidate quality, sufficient candidate supply while lowering administrative burden through workflow automation.

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